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Love to create your own casual fashion brand?  Well short of a degree in art, a unique visionary ability with colour and a few million in the bank, your future is not looking good, that is until now.

Or maybe it's your desire to create your own exclusive wardrobe of casual clothing, something unique to you.

Well here is your opportunity to fulfil your dream with our art designs and partner manufactures.

It's easy and exciting.

Which ever is your wish, here is how to achieve it.

Firstly, this is not something you can undertake on your mobile phone, you will require a desktop or laptop computer.  No previous experience in fashion or design is required, you simply create what suits you, after all this is your brand or wardrobe.

  • Step one.  Take a look our art designs, each design can be downloaded on to your device ready for use for just €12.95, which includes a licence to use commercially.  You can use the image as many time as you wish, creating many different fashion items. 

  • Now visit our partner manufacture on "" and register, its free.  Spend some time looking at all the casual fashion items ready for designing and how it works.

You will note using their design app, how easy it is to create a stunning fashion item using one of our downloaded designs.

Firstly, purchase your chosen artwork in our website Now in select the item you want to design and click on Design.  Now upload your Art Fantastic art design which will be stored in "My Images" on the design page ready use as many times as you wish.


Click on surface 1, now click on your stored image in "My Images" and the art work will load onto surface 1, make sure the image covers all the dotted lines adjusting accordingly.  You can now move, or flip the image to suit the patten you wish to create, continue the process through all the surfaces.

Now click on the design viewer and check your creation.  Make sure you are happy with the positioning, especially where sleeves join the main body, try to create a colour flow in such areas.  If you want to adjust anything, you can do so by returning to the "surface number"

You can use multiple images in one design to make spectacularly individual fashion items.

Once your design is complete, you can save and purchase at your required size and it will shipped to your address.  You can also list it directly for sale in your Etsy or Spotify shop.  If you have your own website or listing on social media, you can download the model images to build your promotion.

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