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Your own art gallery, an exciting business of your own 
art gallery

Imagine running your own art gallery stocked with fast selling modern decor art.

All art is supplied to you direct from the artist, who after a lifetime in art, with thousands of works been sold worldwide, knows the market and what sells best.

The range is set into categories by subject and size to simplify stocking, display and marketing.

The art range has been carefully selected based on years of experience to ensure high interest and sales.

The art market is basically set into three categories,

  • High End investment.

  • Mid value original works.

  • Decor art.

It is the latter, Decor Art that has the largest market for turnover, mainly due to the fact that people like to furnish their home and display art in a matching colour format.

They look for colour, impact and large sized art that becomes a focal point in the room.  In short, they want to make a statement, so this is the categories we focus on.

contemporary painting
famous face painting

The artist has undertaken four main deco art categories, abstract, face art, Impressionism and art deco.

Art sizes range from small framed gift art at 20x25 cm. Medium works at 50x50 cm and large at 100x100 cm mounted on a gallery stretch. All works are ready to hang.

Custom sizes are also available to order.

The style is unashamedly bold and vibrant and will certainly draw attention to your gallery in any high street.

Art deco painting
impressionist painting

The impressionist range is the smaller sized works at 20x25 cm.  These make beautiful wall and gift art and are a fast selling range.

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